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Do Me a Solid

While everyone is in a party mood, please take the time to go to this link and fill out the form to update your contact info. Two lines: Name (incl. maiden name) and preferred email address. You can add phone numbers, physical address etc., even give up your friends in the comments, but all that is optional.

If you received an email from me around May 12 and are OK with my using that address, you don’t have to do anything.

If you don’t want emails, you can keep up with class events by joining the Facebook Group page. I assume that anyone who has a Facebook account and any interest at all can find it. We are, after all, grown-ups. Most of us.

Even without FB, anyone with a computer and access to The Google can find this blog. Want proof? Click here.

I’m also sensitive to the fact that, for any one of about 114 reasons, someone may not wish to reconnect. I can relate. High school was painful at times. For many years I believed I was exclusively attracted to girls who were either maternal or into good grooming. That’s because whenever I asked a girl for for a date, the answer I got was either “I’m babysitting that night” or “I’m washing my hair.” Once I got “I have to babysit and wash my hair.” Talk about covering all the bases.

Anyways, thanks for your help in keeping the contact info current. Since I don’t live in Tulsa, I’m not always running into someone at the grocery store, at the liquor store at the gym or at church.





Updated Lists

Go to page Where Are They Now? to see who we’re missing, and to send email address updates for you and your friends. (Email addresses will not be published.)

Today’s coolest email

Begin forwarded message:

From: Brian Minnick
Date: September 20, 2014 at 10:49:20 AM CDT
Subject: update for lost list


I recently received an email from my cousin Sandy McDonald, who directed me to your class of 1974 weblog.

You currently have my name listed under Lost Classmates.

Which is certainly the appropriate category for my short time at Edison.

I did not attend the 1974 Graduation, I was on a bus to Philadelphia, headed for a berth on one of Sun Oils tankers as an Ordinary Seaman.
So I missed out on the big tornado that year too.

When the storm hit, cousin Sandy was down on Peoria in his red Dodge Super Bee, ask him about that day sometime!

So, in short here’s some information.

My wife has had a Face Book account for many years, and has all our pictures and such on her wall, but I just today created a Face Book account for me.

On Face Book you can find me under Brian Minnick, Tulsa Oklahoma.

Best regards to all of you.


….and other random thoughts.

— by Clint Hughes

As the reunion approaches I get to touch base with people like Peter Robertson, Phil Pool and Steve Maley. It is amazing when you start talking to somebody and the life long connection is still there. Those guys could ALWAYS crack me up! …and they still do.

My dear dear sick sick “walk-home-from-school-everyday-after-school” lifelong friend, Steve Maley, suggested that I should entitle this post, “Is Clint’s Obsession with Coneys Freudian or Gastronomic?” I really did laugh so hard I cried and people in the office were wondering what the hell was going on! Only Maley….my pun protagonist.

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cropped-40green.pngSince privacy and confidentiality are always concerns on the Internet, I’ve never felt it was my place to post a list of people who plan to attend the reunion.

The class’s Facebook page has an Events link for that purpose, but the whole purpose of having this website is, well, let’s face it, Facebook blows.

So if you’re planning to attend the reunion and don’t mind sharing your plans with a few dozen of your old friends (and the NSA), feel free to add a comment below. Ladies, remember that we may not all know your married name.

And if there’s someone you really, really hope to see there, please tell us. You can even comment anonymously.

Handsome Dudes

How many can you name?


Lost and Found Committee

By Heidi Nelson

The next Lost and Found committee are meeting at Monterey’s at 17th and Sheridan in Tulsa on Saturday, December 14th at 2:30 PM. Anyone interested in helping on this committee is enthusiastically invited! Even if you can’t make the meeting, or live out of town, you can still help. I have printed postcards for mailing, posting on bulletin boards or handing out. Let me know how many you need and I will get them to you. The more volunteers we have, the easier this task will be. Thank you to those who have already come aboard. We appreciate you so much!! I look forward to seeing you next weekend.